About us

Public Institution Panevėžys Supportive Care and Nursing Hospital
Address: M. Tiškevičiaus g. 6, LT-35143 Panevėžys, Lithuania
The data is accumulated and saved at the Registry of Legal Entities, Code 148446294
Director Violeta Grigienė
The Founder – Panevėžys City Council 

Public Institution Panevėžys Supportive Care and Nursing Hospital is one of the largest and up-to-date national institutions providing inpatient supportive care, nursing and palliative care services to the residents of Panevėžys City, neighbouring districts and the entire country. Over 250 patients can receive qualified treatment and care in the hospital. 

Medical doctors, general practitioners, internal medicine physicians, doctors of psychology, a social worker, nurses of general practice and physical therapy, physiotherapists and massage therapists provide the Ist level inpatient health care services. A psychiatrist gives consultations. 

The institution provides professional, effective and comprehensive treatment services, including medical, rehabilitation, psychological assistance and pastoral care. The institution uses art, music and colour therapy, listening to audio books. 

Our goal is to assist each patient with on time and safe services based on the achievements of modern science and technologies that meet the expectations of patients and their relatives.

Panevėžys Supportive Care and Nursing Hospital cares about devotedness to a patient, advanced approach and quality based services. 

The institutional structures and implemented activities are as follows:

Supervisory Board
Medical Advisory Commission
The Group of Internal Medical Audit
The Commission of Corruption Prevention and Control